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Index to the kingdom CHROMISTA

As circumscribed here, the kingdom Chromista encompasses the photosynthetic 'protoctista' along with apparently related fungal organisms (oomycetes, etc.). However, the Rhodophyta (red algae) and Chlorophyta (green algae) are placed and treated in the kingdom Plantae. Only an outline classification is given below. Opinions differ as to the number of phyla; the treatment here may be somewhat liberal, though still not comprehensive. All these organisms are covered by the botanical code (ICBN) (see classification) and the rank of "division" is currently still allowed as an alternative to "phylum".
The kingdom Chromista, as recognised here, effectively has the Stramenipila/Stramenopila, the Heterokonta and the Chromalveolata as synonyms.

Kingdom: Chromista
 Phylum: Euglenophyta   (euglenoids)
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 Phylum: Cryptophyta   (cryptomonads)
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 Phylum: Pyrrhophyta   (dinoflagellates)
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 Phylum: Chrysophyta   (golden algae)
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 Phylum: Xanthophyta   (yellow-green algae)
 Class: Tribophyceae
 Order: Vaucheriales
 Phylum: Bacillariophyta   (diatoms)
 Class: Bacillariophyceae
 Order: Pennales
 Phylum: Phaeophyta   (brown algae)
Several orders are recognised but their relationships are uncertain. At present, the general consensus is that they should not be organised into classes.
 Order: Fucales
 Fucus serratus   (serrated wrack)
 Fucus spiralis   (spiral wrack)
 Phylum: Oomycota   (blights, downy mildews and water-moulds)
 Class: Oomycetes
 Order: Pythiales
 Phytophthora infestans   (late potato blight)
 Phylum: Hyphochytriomycota   (chromistan chytrids)
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 Phylum: Labyrinthulomycota   (labyrinthids and thraustochytrids)
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