Index to the kingdom Eubacteria (or domain Bacteria)

As circumscribed here, the kingdom Eubacteria encompasses the great range of prokaryotic organisms with the exception of the Archaebacteria (or Archaea). In view of the diversity of organisms included, and the uncertainty of their classification, the use of the high but informal rank of 'domain' is preferred by many.
No comprehensive taxonomic structure is attempted here, at least for the present, and availability of images outside of the Cyanobacteria will remain limited. Taxonomic treatment of the Cyanobacteria follows Whitton (2002).

Kingdom: Eubacteria
 Phylum: Cyanobacteria   (blue-green algae)
 Order: Chroococcales
 Order: Nostocales
 Order: Oscillatoriales
 Plectonema  (incl. Leptolyngbya)

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Introduction to the Bacteria
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Short accounts, systematics section deals only with the Cyanobacteria and Spirochaetes, but may be extended.


Whitton, B.A., (2002). Phylum Cyanophyta (Cyanobacteria), in John, D.M., Whitton, B.A., & Brook, A.J., (eds.) (2002). The freshwater algal flora of the British Isles, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, pp. 25-122.

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