Fucus serratus L.    
Serrated Wrack

Kingdom: Chromista
Phylum: Phaeophyta – brown seaweeds
Order: Fucales

British distribution: Around the entire coastline.
World distribution: ?

Fucus serratus at tidal edge on rocky shore
Fucus serratus on rocky shore
Fucus serratus on rocky shore
Fucus serratus on rocky shore, Isle of Great Cumbrae, April 2009.

An often abundant brown seaweed on rocky shores, particularly on the lower part of the intertidal zone. The toothed (serrate) margins of the fronds and receptacles separate it from other Fucus species. It also lacks air vesicles.

The material shown below is in fertile condition. To the right are barren fronds of another brown seaweed, Ascophyllum nodosum. Although described as "brown seaweeds" as a result of the usual abundance of the pigment fucoxanthin, these seaweeds also contain yellow carotenoids, as well as chlorophyll a and c. Consequently these seaweeds are somewhat variable in colour and also seem to photograph less brown.

Fucus serratus on rocky shore
Fucus serratus with mature conceptacles, on rocky shore, Mealista, Isle of Lewis, 1998.

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