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Index to the kingdom PROTOZOA

Predominantly unicellular, eukaryotic, non-chromistan, plasmodial or colonial, phagotrophic "animals", predominantly those organisms still informally grouped as protozoans and slime moulds. Polyphyletic, but retained here for convenience (see classification). Opportunities for addition of material to this index appear limited.

Molecular studies have substantially changed our understanding of phylogeny and appropriate classification of these organisms. It is difficult to incorporate recent classifications within existing hierarchical structures, and several different schemes have been proposed. To attempt to provide a current version here is beyond the scope of this website, and would quickly be outdated. On the other hand, earlier classifications are now unhelpful and I have decided to cover only the traditionally "fungal" 'protozoans' here — until such time as I have other photographs to incorporate.

Many traditional 'protozoans' are, in any case, difficult to photograph without a specialist photomicrographic flash system.

Kingdom: Protozoa
 Phylum: Percolozoa   [kingdom or major grouping Excavata]
 Class: Heterolobosea
 Order: Acrasida (Acrasiomycota)   (acrasid cellular slime-moulds)
No current entries
 Phylum: Amoebozoa
 Subphylum: Mycetozoa   (slime moulds)
 Class: Dictyostelia (Dictyosteliomycetes)   (cellular slime-moulds)
No current entries
 Class: Myxogastria   (plasmodial slime-moulds)
 Mucilago crustacea
 unknown myxomycete (immature)
 Phylum: Plasmodiophoromycota   (plasmodiophorids)
Fungus-like parasites of plants and fungi, their placement in the Protozoa uncertain.
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