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There is now an abundance of image sites on the Internet. The following are a selection, either for images or for comprehensive compilations that include links to other image and reference sites. This page deals with the more general sites. Index pages for each kingdom may give further, more specialised links.

Sites come and go, and since this links page was first written a decade ago, many valuable sites seem to have vanished, in a number of cases reflecting course, staff and funding changes in universities. It is unfortunate that sites that represent a major input of time and expertise are not more commonly archived, perhaps by transfer to museums or other equvalent institutions.

At present this page is much shortened and, in the main, lists sites that have existed since the early days of the Internet. Other important sites await addition here and I intend to add sections relating to British conservation. However I do not have the time at present to update this page as rapidly as I would wish.

All links last checked on or after: 16th February 2011.

  • The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: (Biosciences)
    This attempts to keep comprehensive lists of information resources on the World-Wide Web. Enthusiasts maintain sites for different subject areas and coverage is inevitably uneven. Following these links often leads to vast quantities of valuable information.
    To see the full overview of the WWW Virtual Library, go here (British mirror site) or here (main site).

    World-Wide Web Virtual Library: (Biosciences): general index page


      Follow the hierarchies for compilations of web pages on most or all major groups of organisms.

  • UCMP Web Lift to Taxa

      (UC Museum of Paleontology, Berkeley)
      An excellent and still up-to-date summary of living organisms.

  • BioImages - Virtual Field-Guide (UK)

      Huge and reliably named collection of photographs of living organisms, mostly British, including close-ups, photomicrographs, etc, though of low resolution (for reasons given on the site). Also an excellent set of links to all kinds of natural history, biological recording and conservation resources. Strong on invertebrates, fungi and higher plants.

  • Natural Perspective

      (Ari Kornfeld)
      A site that gives simple, readable accounts of the diversity of (mostly) multicellular living organisms, illustrated with excellent photographs. Warning: like many American sites it treats the "five-kingdom" classification as "fact".



SMALL STUFF (Algae, protozoa, 'protists', rotifers, etc.)


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